Seasonings Greetings
Posted January 28, 2014 at 7:01 pm
George isn't going to eat the girls... it goes back to the old 'A Zombie's Survival Guide' comic. The idea of zombies drinking bath/hot tub/pool water makes me laugh. Like I've said before, it's the joke that started Zombie Roomie for me. I also wanted to play around drawing the girls again since we've had strip after strip of John and George. Friday we'll have a John and Lyn strip that makes me giggle. For those of you who read the comic via RSS, I've officially stopped putting the full comic in the feed. I've been adding the preview image and then afterward going back to add the full comic after thumbnails for social media have been generated with the preview-- I've been informed that some of you have just been seeing the preview image since I started doing this already. I understand it will annoy some of you. I get that. But I do make most of my money off of ads and having the comic in the RSS feed eliminates the possibility of you seeing said ads. I also understand that folks might think about using an ad blocker, but again... I make money off of you seeing the ads on this site-- so I please ask you to whitelist Zombie Roomie. Hell, most of the ads are for other comics so they're normally pretty to look at anyway.