The Clone Saga - part 10
Posted October 23, 2019 at 12:00 am

Look another update~!

As I mentioned before, I'm looking to also start a second comic-- it won't have an update schedule and will just show up when I've got pages for it. It's a whole different tone but still has oodles of supernatural stuff in it. It's called "Maho Noir" which basically means Black Magic but there's a double meaning since the Noir also lends itself to a lot of the aesthetic since it borrows a lot from the film noir detective... just in a world with magic and more modern with technology. It's a mix of things that interest me and pulls from old TTRPGs I played in modernized and whatnot.

What I really enjoy about it so far is since it won't be a comic strip format, the writing is a lot easier to do for me. I've written out more than three of the chapters, each chapter is 12 pages. Since it's a chapter based story, I figure I need it a lot tighter than a beat by beat thing like a comic strip format... so I'm trying to write well in advance of things that would be drawn.

So in an effort to avoid ZR burnout... Maho Noir will be there for me to duck into during the week when I need to do something else that isn't some free lance.

Enough ranting about things... I'll see you Friday.

Tags: Cyan, Zoey