The Man of Tomorrow
Posted April 28, 2011 at 8:01 pm
So yeah, apparently Supes is going to renounce his citizenship. Other than making fun of it, my only concern about this is what it will mean for Clark Kent's Daily Planet job. How can a major metropolitan media company keep an illegal alien on their payroll? For those of you lucky enough to not know about the Legion of Super Pets and Beppo from the Pre-Crisis days of comics... Just know that most of the stuff that happened in old comic books was really stupid and leave it at that. You'll be loads more sane than the rest of us. But, yes... Superman had a monkey who wore a cape. Also, a cat, a horse, and a dog. Though, Batman's dog Ace who had a cape and cowl might be the stupidest of them all. I much preferred the treatment of Ace in Batman Beyond when he was just old man Bruce's guard dog. This kind of comic is one of the main reasons that I wanted to bring in a character like Zombie-man into the comic... This way I'm able to reference the events of comics and related things  by actually referencing it rather than just having John and George bring it up in conversation.