These changes are above and beyond a new site design.

I’m looking to blog more.

The current plan is to blog about certain topics on given days… i.e.: Mondays I’d discuss something about Zombies, Tuesdays I’d talk about something relating to Art… etc.

I haven’t nailed down the schedule that I want to use yet, but, I’m thinking about it. I want to share more than just the strips on MWF with you guys and possibly get a conversation going about things sometimes.

Another change is I’m implementing a forum for Zombie Roomie.

It will be a place for folks who dig the strip to come talk about whatever… even if it’s not about the strip~!

The forum might be kinda bare for a while as people get used to it, but, I’ll be posting things in it when I find something I’d like to share that don’t really warrant a blog post.

These changes and more should go live around the time of the redesign I mentioned in the previous blog post.

Looking forward to it