I’m going to take an additional week off. While this news may end up annoying some, I’m sorry.

I want to do some more work on turn arounds for John and it’s the kind of thing that cuts into strip time… so, I want a little more time to devote to it.

It takes me far longer to do the strips than it should really, so, I don’t want to half ass any especially coming off of a hiatus…. I would rather take more time off and work on the practice stuff that will in the long run allow me to do better comics even if that means I don’t have new ones up for two weeks.

Being able to have John and George appear in more than just a 3/4 frontal shot will allow for more engaging panel layouts and better comics. The mothman strips and some that I started sketching where we see the guys from behind were the straws that broke the back to where I just can’t fake it anymore. Having the 3/4′s frontal head on a figure that has to turn around to be seen in such a way to fit into panel was just too much of a fallback for me. I need to practice and work out a design to where John and George look correct from all sides and angles.

That’s the stuff I’ll be working so I can do better comics when I return.

New return date should be Monday May 3rd.

I’m taking a week off from posting strips starting Monday, April 19th.

I want to take the time to work ahead and have a buffer continuing forward.

During the time off I also want to think about a few things and determine where I want the storyline we’re on to actually end up and if it’s still the same place I had in mind when I originally came up with the idea. There are a number or scripts already turned in for places on the journey and I want to make sure that they’re pointing to the direction that I want the storyline to end….

I want to also take some time to just sit back and think about the main and established supporting characters and see where they may have drifted from where I want them to be.

While I understand the nature of introducing all these one-off characters to get a joke out of them for this World Tour storyline sometimes limits the amount of zombie-ness that can be done in each strip…. I do feel that we’ve kind of strayed away from some zombie themes in Zombie Roomie… and our more popular strips have been the ones where it’s very much the problems associated with having to deal with a zombie in your life. I want to get more zombie back into Zombie Roomie…. So, I’m going to try and figure out how exactly to do that.

I’ve also decided that I want to put the Commentary Track podcast on a more permanent hiatus. They’re a pain in the ass to edit and I’m just not excited to sit down and record them anymore either…. partly due to knowing I’ll have to edit them afterwards. So, unless a different format change that miraculously shows up in my brain that makes them exciting again, I’m not interested in doing them for a while…. hence why I haven’t posted any from the last three weeks or so.

So, if you’re a comic creator yourself or just interested… I would run your guest strips if you sent me any….