It’s been about one year, almost to the day since I started thinking about doing a webcomic. Shortly after I started thinking of what the comic would be about I came up with a joke about a zombie drinking from a pool that spurred me to create the character that would become George, the Zombie.

I started drawing various cartoony zombies and the first drawing that was to be George had him wearing burial clothes, but he had sideburns, negative eyes, and strangely enough a moppy haircut.

I began to try and stylize the comic a little more than I had for that first drawing and various forms of George emerged… including several where he didn’t have a nose.

His pompadour originally came from Vince McMahon, Chairman of the WWE. I thought it was a goofy haircut and wanted to give the zombie a distinct look… I played around with it and after several drawings it became the goofy spiky haircut George had for 90 odd comics.

Over the course of these 100 comics, I’ve changed my approach to drawing George and I’ve grown in confidence a bit too which changed my “style”…

There have been a handful of “ah ha” moments where I have changed the way I do various things to George and changing from drawing paper to using a wacom tablet has also changed a bit of the look.

AND recently I’ve gone to a moppy haircut again, this time it’s based on Luke Skywalker’s hairdo. That comes from a character trait that I’ve added to the comic where George is a giant Star Wars nerd.

So as you can see, not only did George go through massive changes before he ever showed up on… He’s changed a bunch since the comic has been going.

So much change over the course of about 100 comics. It’s pretty cool to look back on, at least it is to me.