I had originally thought about putting some closure on the Bill drinking the protein shake bit this Wednesday, but when I thought about the other two comics I had planned for the week it seemed strange that we had a Zoey comic, then something like this, and then something else for Friday… The yacking incident really needed to happen first.

So, that’s why Zoey is here without her actually showing up, but it’s safe to assume that in the period of time that it would have taken Bill to run to the can and begin worshiping to the porcelain throne that she showed up. If you remember, George was going to call her for Francis’ benefit.

The way I see it, Zoey is busy packing as well, so she has her hair wrapped in a bandana to complete the moving look. Plus, I wanted to add something to her costume since I’ve been playing with various character uniforms lately. I also gave her a labret piercing and another tattoo. Those are a bit more permanent than the bandana which isn’t something she’ll always be wearing. We’ll be seeing a Zoey and George based strip on Wednesday that I’m pretty excited for.