I didn’t know how much good having that week of guest strips would do my state of mind. I had asked for them so I could recuperate from some dental work, but the main thing that they did for me was give me time to work on this week’s strips without the deadline hanging over my head.

In short, I was able to play around with some stuff, especially seen in Wednesday and Friday’s strips, that I probably would have had to say it was good enough and post before I got them to the point that I was super happy with.

The girls George mentions in panel three are:

Mel from d20 Monkey
Buffy, John & George’s neighbor who’s currently involved with Drew
Isabel from Woody After Hours
Valerie the hippie
and of course, Glenda

The bit about Mel from d20 Monkey comes from a conversation that Brian and I had that would have both of our comics in a shared universe… like how Woody After Hours and the characters therein are also in same world as Zombie Roomie. Mel and John would have dated before Zombie Roomie started and she moved to wherever d20 Monkey takes place and sometime after she joined Sam’s D&D game.

This strip starts off a two week mini story arc that gets us to the Hunter show with George. This strip and through next Wednesday’s strips were entirely written by me. Next Friday’s strip is the last strip that Bill wrote for Zombie Roomie. After a couple of weeks back on the comic and a disagreement with me on how to get from point A to point B– he’s decided to quit. We wish him well in his future endeavors.