Glenda’s spell is purposely very Potter-y sounding. I’m not a super Potter-fan, I haven’t read the books… I’ve just seen the flicks but I do like what I’ve been exposed to.

I have it in Glenda’s back story that she attended a school similar to Hogwarts for witches and wizards. I’m just playing around with that.

Most of the supernatural cast attended some sort of prep school for their species/etc. Some day I want to have an arc or two that flashes back to that. There’s been mentions of Zombie University where George attended. Francis went there too as a foreign exchange student.

I’m going to start work on some posters in the coming weeks. If there’s a particular character or characters you’d be interested in showing off on your wall, cubicle, locker, what have you… drop me a line and I’ll try and make it available in a neat design.