First of all… I want to thank you for either sticking with Zombie Roomie during the hiatus earlier this year or picking it up afterward.

Now on to business.

George is a human now.

I know that some folks will be a little dismayed to find out that a comic named Zombie Roomie currently has no zombies in it. It is a little weird, but things will play out and I think the comic will be better for it.

In the past, it was established early on that the Local Shamblers 1968 (the zombie union George is a part of) regulates the number of zombies per area down to one in a city. This was done by me to help make George special… so he wasn’t just a nameless member of some siege of zombies, he was THE zombie in Zombie Roomie.

But, now that we’re in the third year of the comic… I think it’s time we start introducing more zombie characters– George is already established enough to where his character is safely separate and unique.That’s part of the reason for George being de-zombified… so we can bring in at least one more zombie when the union realizes that George is no longer one of the shamblers.

Another reason is the stories I can tell based on George’s situation being  flipped, turned upside down

When we first met George at the start of Zombie Roomie, he had already been a zombie for a long while. We didn’t get to see him before that was his biggest character trait. Over the course of the comic to date we have seen him grow a bit… he’s a giant Star Wars nerd, he’s been on television a few times, and traveled the world. So now we get to see him struggle with being a normal guy.

Here’s a little backstory for George that I haven’t released to you guys yet:

George became a zombie the night of his high school graduation. He was 18 when he first died and rose as a zombie. For those of you wondering… when Zombie Roomie started it was 12 years later and he was technically 30. His appearance was still that of the 18 year old kid who became a zombie because in the ZR universe when zombies regularly eat the flesh of the living they halt and even reverse their decomposition.

Now he’s back to being just a normal 18 year old who has the memories of the last decade and a half in his brain– even if those memories were gained while he was a zombie.

There will be zombies again in Zombie Roomie.

I’m not ruling out George becoming a member of the Living Dead again (in fact I would bet on it happening as he’s eventually going to be actively seeking that goal)…

So let’s just past this little stretch of Zombie Roomie strips that take place in a comic where there aren’t any active zombie members of the cast. I think everyone is going to like where we end up.