So, we’ve jumped ahead to the present day.

Last we left our intrepid “heroes”… they were still back in January following the events of the Year without a Santa Claus arc.

I’m having fun coming up with things that have occurred in the interim. Small things like John cutting his hair and George not always shaving… to bigger things that are pretty big changes to different character traits and playing against established traits that we’ll eventually see.

George not shaving is a temporary thing to show he’s been down in the dumps due to his current circumstance. That’s not a look he’ll keep up as I’m not entirely keen on it. John’s hair is close to where I want it, but I still have to play around a little. Maybe his head shape is a little off or something… but as I have more practice with it, I’ll get it “right”.

↓ Transcript
[[John and George in their apartment.]]
[[John stares out the window while addressing George who is seated on the sofa.]]
John: Well, I'm going out with the guys. I don't care if you go or not. But it has been months since you were a zombie...

[[John has moved behind the sofa.]]
John: You need to stop your moping and get on with your life.
George: I just have one question then... I'm new to this and you've had years of experience.

George: How do I go about my day being a nobody? A loser? A nothing?