I figured out how to get the guys to see Avengers while doing it as part of the story!

George really takes his cosplaying seriously.

↓ Transcript
[[John is standing outside of Knowles Theatre dressed as Captain America as George walks up to him.]]
John: George, you were supposed to come dressed as Iron Man.
George: I can't be Tony Stark if I'm broke. It's bad enough I'd be sober! How about I just dress up as Hawkeye?

[[Greg, dressed as Hawkeye enters the panel.]]
John: You know that Greg already called dibs on Hawkeye.
George: Yeah, yeah... I guess I wasn't ready to admit I can't even afford a movie ticket.

[[John and George are inside the theatre. George is dressed as the Black Widow.]]
John as a narration box: I'll get your ticket and snacks on one condition...
George: What would I have to wear for you to cover my half of the rent?