I haven’t ever shown the whole apartment building from the outside before. I’ve shown bits and pieces, but today’s strip has the whole front from the street side shown.

When I started ZR I didn’t want to have a whole bunch of zombies in it… I thought it would steal George’s thunder. Hell, I didn’t want to have any repeats of monster types, but we’ll start seeing more than one of some of the monsters in the cast. I even went so far as to create rules governing against more than one zombie “living” in an area.

After a couple of years of doing ZR, I felt people know George enough to introduce other zombies to the cast… even with George not being a zombie. So we got Robert (who we’ll see more of soon), the pair of worshipers who recently met their demise, the fat zombie at the union, and now the impending siege outside.

There’s a bunch of zombie stuff going down for the rest of this story.