I was creatively burnt out it would seem.

I had, what I thought, a several week write up of the rest of the cult/siege arc done… But when I went to draw the next strip I looked at what I had written and it was really, really awful.

There was no heart, it wasn’t clever, it wasn’t funny. It was just okay we have to get from A to B and there wasn’t anything worth drawing in it.

In short, I freaked out.

I tried to come up with something random and the creative anxiety and depression that it caused creeped in and nothing I was drawing worked. Everything was shit and I just fell deeper and deeper into a funk. I had hoped that the day off I planned to take for the 4th of July would have been enough. It wasn’t.

That Thursday and Friday were scheduled to try and right the ship, but I just wasn’t happy with what I had planned and in the end I took the following week off. Part of that time was to try and write the rest of the strips I needed to finish the arc… but mainly it was for me to just chill out and level myself.

This kind of creative block doesn’t happen to me all the time, but I have noticed a pattern… If I have a bigger story planned and as I get towards the end, I’ll have issues coming up with things to tie strips together and still have them be fulfilling and significant. It’s easier for me to do with the way I try to write strips ever since the move to five days a week, but I just wasn’t in a good place when I tried to finish this arc recently.

That’s the reasoning for this break.

Also, I’ve started streaming me drawing the strips more frequently. I’m using the Google + Hangouts On Air functionality to do so. So, if you’re following the Zombie Roomie G+ page you get notified automagically. I will also typically announce it on the Zombie Roomie Facebook page or on my Twitter.

I like the Hangout On Air over things like Ustream, Livestream, or Justin.tv because it’s tied to Youtube. It allows for people to comment in real time like a chat room on the other streaming sites but it is Youtube and that’s far, far more mainstream than any of the other streaming sites. If someone is going to come and watch a stream on one of the other sites they have to have a user account for that site and not every comic creator likes to use the same site for their streaming so it’s pretty random on what site most of your readers will have accounts on… but I’m willing to bet more people have Youtube/GMail/Google accounts than any of the other streaming sites.

I also really like how easy it is for me to have multiple creators pop in and keep the conversation going. That’s pretty difficult for other streaming sites to accomplish… sure you can have someone skype in and hear them… but the Google hangout tech allows for up to 10 people at a time to have video. That’s pretty rad.

I don’t have a scheduled time on when these will run, but I will try to announce them on the ZR social networking stuff.