We’re getting closer to the end of this arc and I wanted to make sure that I address concerns people have and I want to know what you’d like to see coming up in the weeks and months afterward.

To that end, I want to make a point to point out the various ways to contact me and stay up to date with ZR based news:

  • My Twitter – This is the social network that I’m most active on. I don’t always just talk about Zombie Roomie on it though. I have been known to randomly quote a flick I’m watching and talk about going to the grocery store.
  • ZR’s Facebook page – Every comic update gets mentioned here. I have also posted new sketches and character designs to it and if you ‘like’ the page you’ll see them before anyone else.
  • ZR’s Google + page – Effectively the same stuff that goes on the Facebook page… just a non Facebook alternative.
  • My email – I try to answer all email questions if I can, sometimes I can’t… But I do read almost everything I get, especially if it mentions ZR in it.

I have a few ideas of things I’d like to get to when this arc wraps up, but I was wanting to see if there was a specific character you wanted to revisit…

Something you feel that hasn’t been addressed well enough in the various arcs up to date…

or if you’d like to have one of the characters answer a question directly like I did earlier this year.

I’m looking at what I need to do to fill out the rest of the year before the third calendar anniversary of ZR (Oct 26th) and I want to make sure I’m in a good place for when we get there and what should happen after that date. That means I want to make sure that you bring up the unintentionally vague things and loose plot threads that you guys think need a little resolution get brought up to me… I have a whole bunch of stuff that I am still keeping close to my vest to have things to draw from… but if you think I should wrap something up better, I want to know.