I keep having issues with a Zombie-man arc and I end up scrapping the comic during the night and try something else.

Along with the frustration that the Zombie-man arc was giving me, it was like I couldn’t draw for hours while I started working… I ended up having to reset the Cintiq drivers and Manga Studio’s tablet preferences before I could get things to feel okay. It still wasn’t great after fiddling with it for a long time, but it was good enough for me to do a comic.

This strip isn’t super ha ha by itself, but it should help pay off something later. So it has its reasons… I also liked drawing the second version of the clown so I’m not going to apologize.

ZR has been a little more flat colors and shading than what clown #2 looks like and I’ve done some commissions recently in that style… it’s not a style I’ll likely adopt for ZR but it’s fun to toss in when it’s effective. It is a style I’ll likely use more of for my second comic that will eventually see the light of day as I don’t want to do something that looks exactly like ZR again.