Friday’s comic was to reintroduce Glenda to the comic… and today’s was to try to bring her and John’s story to an end.

I have plans for her going forward, but I needed to wrap that bit up as it was pretty prevalent in their interactions in the past. She has a history that I’ve reworked in the time she’s been out of the comic and I think she’s more than the shallow beauty she used to be… or well she will be after some strips where she’s given time to shine.

The plan was to have John pick apart her Star Trek costume for inaccuracies, but that just felt mean and petty at this point. He’s trying to take the high road and just wants things to stop since she’s being awful to Lyn. Plus he can’t just punch Glenda.

Speaking of punching people… if you haven’t noticed yet his left hand is in a cast. I’ve drawn it a few times but I haven’t really pointed it out yet.