Not everyone in the world of ZR is aware that the supernatural exists… in fact most of the people don’t know.

Some are blissfully ignorant about it. We’re in that kind of circumstance here folks.

For some reasons I’m not going to go on about, I’m retconning an earlier strip that John talked about his friend Greg when he found out about Jack being gay. In that strip, which I’ll fix after this week, he will have now been talking about this guy. Greg is/was based on a friend of mine and I’ve decided that making Jack’s life a larger part of the comic means I should make the role this guy is going to have be filled with an entirely fictional character.

It’s difficult to have characters go through things and have flaws, etc. if they’re based on people without worrying if said people are upset or offended by the actions the characters they’re the inspiration of. I have been trying to move characters away from their inspirations when possible and even stop introducing inspired characters if possible.

Just a learning experience from doing a comic for these last five years…