I skipped past the sexy times as that kind of thing is the subject of the bonus comics on my Patreon.

There’s a benefit to dating a witch… actually there’s probably quite a few benefits. But free perfect vision would have to be a pretty snazzy perk– I do have to admit that after wearing glasses for almost half of my life I’d rather not have to. Lasik is kind of freaky and if I could have my vision magicked to where I wouldn’t need glasses I would jump at it.

I’ve started working on some new backgrounds and one of them was Glenda’s bedroom… there’s tons of stuff that still needs to be explored with Glenda’s stuff but we have time.

Hell, we’ve never seen Lizzy’s room really either.

This is pretty much the last Lizzy/Glenda relationship focused strip for this arc… we’re moving into other couples for the remainder but Glenda and Lizzy will still appear. Just a heads up…