About the comic:

Zombie Roomie is a zombie comedy webcomic.

John was looking for someone to split the cost of rent but got more than he bargained for when George, a zombie, became his roommate.

About the Cast:

The Normals

The Not-so Normals

John the Dork George the Zombie
John was just your everyday dork until George became his roomie. Life used to be predictable and boring. Now his world is full of new and wondrous things, but with wonder comes danger. With his eyes open to the supernatural world that actually exists, his life will no longer be boring and safe. George is not your everyday zombie. In fact, he abhors Hollywood’s portrayal of zombies as dumb killing machines. He’s actually quite intelligent, fairly elitist, and kind of a jerk.
Zoey the Goth Jack the Wolfman
George’s girlfriend and cashier at the mall store, Burning Issue. Super fangirl of the popular vampire novel series, “Sundown”. Dyes her hair with Black #1. The quintessential party animal. Jack loves to gamble and carouse and will happily engage in any vice other than silver-bullet Russian roulette. His hijinks occasionally land his roommate Frank and friends in hot water.
Bill the Pedanus Glenda the Witch
John’s friend from his college days and D&D enthusiast, Bill is a reference librarian. He is a bit of a misanthrope, a lover of literature, a staunch grammarian, and not the least bit shy when it comes to sharing his knowledge. His pedantic tendencies are, to John’s amusement, a frequent source of irritation for George. Good witch or bad witch? More like smokin’ hot witch… John harbors a devastating infatuation for Glenda, who is unreceptive to and annoyed by his advances. She also has an incredible shoe collection.
Valerie the Hippie Vlad the Vampire
An animal rights enthusiast and environmentalist, Valerie lives next
door to John and George. Born a half-century too late for her sensibilities, Valerie’s attempts to grow peace, love, and understanding usually fall on infertile soil. As a lover of all creatures and staunch vegetarian, Valerie often aggravates both John and George.
The first born son of Transylvanian royalty, Count Vladimir Vitali Vadislov’s greatest fear as a youth was becoming a vampire. Despite years of self-defense training and precaution bordering on paranoia, Vladimir could not circumvent fate. Years ago he sold his likeness rights to Jim Henson and the Children’s Television Workshop. He hosts a weekly poker game for George’s friends.
Sean the Superintendent Francis Nathan Stein
Sean is the building super for the apartment complex that John and George live in. His schedule frequently includes having to unclog various bits of remains from the pipes in John and George’s apartment. Sean wishes George would move out since he never had to snake organs and bones before he became John’s roommate. Francis is charming, affable, and courteous to a fault. George’s friend and Jack’s roommate, Francis’ sole negative personality quirk is a slight case of pyrophobia. Mostly Jewish.
Maegan the Sister Jamal the Creature
from the Black Lagoon
Maegan is a hairstylist and John’s sister. Still not sure what to make of the whole supernatural world that her brother has been wrapped up in… but she thinks it’s kinda cool. Would like to own a boat. A monster rights activist and all around loud mouth, Jamal is the owner and operator of the Eastwood Oceanarium and Pet Store. He recently discovered his heritage as a descendant of less-than-willing immigrants from the Black Lagoon and is currently planning to file several class-action lawsuits naming such organizations as Sea World, the Shedd Aquarium, the Gorton’s Fisherman, and Mrs. Paul’s.

About the artist:

This may be my first webcomic project, but I’m by no means new to comics.  I’ve read comics since elementary school and drawn cartoons and superheroes just as long.

I have two degrees in Art from Missouri State: Drawing and Computer Animation. I also received a minor in Art History.