A terrible thing - part 14
Posted July 8, 2014 at 8:01 pm
People were hoping that Grandma McGillicuddy would have a better relationship with zombies (namely George) than Zoey's parents do. As you see from today's strip... it seems she does or at least has in the past. Going through some older art, I realized I had been making Zoey's hair darker than I intended when I worked up her new look. I'll eventually go back and George Lucas those strips to match the older strips and today's... but that's low priority. I've wanted to do the floating head style narration box bit for a while. I just never pulled the trigger and relied on the character color to indicate who was speaking in the past. The problem here was Zoey's Grandma doesn't have an identifiable color associated with her, so I couldn't get away with that. It seemed like the perfect time to pull out this style.