Mea culpa
Posted March 6, 2011 at 7:01 pm
When I sit down to try and think of where I should take the story of Zombie Roomie next I often think back to where I've already taken it and look to see what threads I need to advance before I can get to the next big thing I want to do... So, even though it might feel kind of quick to get back to John and Valerie, I decided it was the best jumping off point to get various things rolling again. This week's strips work to push forward in the new status quo... and I'm able to get back to a character I've been meaning to for a while as well due to it. I'm sorry as much of John had to be seen in panel three... but, to sell the shot he had to be "all out there" like that. I tried to have him cover up as much as possible... I know several of you have and aversion to that much John flesh.... It's not something that happens every strip. Hopefully you'll recover enough by the time it happens again.
Tags: John, Valerie