Posted August 7, 2012 at 8:01 pm
I don't think I've done a two panel strip with this layout before. I've very rarely done two panel comics and I think each time I've done them it's been one big and one small panel... I'm not sure I'm a super big fan of the two equally sized panels, but it was something I wanted to play with... especially since I was having a panel with four characters in it, I prefer to have as much space as possible for situations like that. I've been holding back on dropping Lyn's name for a bit. When I first came up with the idea for her, well over a year ago... I knew I wanted her to be named Jacquelyn and have it shortened. But since then I've become friends with another comic creator who's fiance is named Lynn and is a major character in his comic, I am ARG!. So I tossed around the idea of changing up the name to something like Jill for the play on Jack and Jill... In the end I decided to say screw it and not have the strange occurrence of another comic's characters sway my decision to name a character. The same thing happened with Elsa too... but I don't even know the other comic's creator. Elsa, who we've seen before, is Francis' ex-wife. Together they have a son, Karl. Elsa and Lyn were better friends before the Steins' divorce and they've kind of drifted apart due to Lyn's decision to be on team Francis. The girls have known each other for several years, but Lyn hasn't been in town in a while... so that's why they haven't kept in touch. I guess they need Facebook.