Shades of Grey
Posted June 7, 2012 at 8:01 pm
I wanted to have Zoey and Lizzy have their talk for this strip somewhere different than the Coffee shop, since Ted works there... So I was brainstorming some ideas and the hot tub/pool area at the apartment came to mind. The problem being was Zoey wouldn't expose that much skin during the daytime... she has to keep her skin like alabaster... So I had to do the strip at night time. I've shown the hot tub once before in one of the A Zombie's Survival Guide strips, Liquid Diet. So I just had to rework it for the current style and add some more surrounding detail to make an actual background. The George and Zoey situation is pretty complicated with both sides not really coming clean on what they wanted to happen. Zoey was mad, she didn't stop loving George... so maybe there's hope that they'll find a way to get back together down the road. The sparkly vampire part comes from Zoey's Sundown books where the vampire Howard impregnates his girlfriend Stella.