Writers Block - part 5
Posted September 18, 2014 at 8:01 pm
We should be back to strips that don't take place behind the scenes next week. Thanks for letting me screw around with goofy shit for a week and a half. When I was coming up with the wacky stuff that the characters would do in this "arc" I knew I wanted someone to break a comic strip rule of some sort... At first George would have eaten another cast member but I remembered that several people still ask me about the clone John from an April Fool's strip I did a couple years ago and I didn't want the headache of explaining George really didn't eat John. Really digging Lyn in the last two panels. In panel one, she's not quite as nailed in as I got her for two and three. That's the only part of the art I'm not thrilled with... And I'm closer to liking Lizzy's design... but I'll probably change her hair again before I'm settled on it for a few months. I was talking with a friend before I started sketching this strip about Lizzy and women of all sizes... and I said screw it and decided to just make Lizzy the shape I think she should be. I'll probably go back and George Lucas her last appearance when I figure out what I want to do with her later. I've got a pretty good range of sizes for the male cast members... the female side was hovering around the same dress size for the most part with Glenda being taller and bustier and Lyn being the skinniest. Adding Lizzy's new shape to the mix helps things out a lot more and if I get a hair style I like plus a new costume she'll be good to go for a while and I'll put her back into the comic since I wont hate drawing her. I know, I'm crazy.