A captive audience - part 2 (or Night of the little dead)
Posted July 12, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I know I said I'd get back to John and Drew/bum today, but at the last minute I came up with something new to add to the story arc that prompted adding this strip before. It'll eventually all make sense. Or at least I'll try to make sure it does. With John going out to drink his cares away and taking longer than George wanted, he enlisted Zoey to hit the morgue for some shopping. This isn't the first time I've actually had the characters in the process of stealing a corpse from the morgue. Way back in "Eye of the Tiger", during the George as an MMA fighter arc, John was helping George steal a body which he intended to punch like Rocky. It would seem to have been a pretty regular occurrence... and the morgue has finally clamped down on their security. George  will have to stop looking for his frozen dinners there.
Tags: George, Zoey