A Hero Rises - part 9
Posted November 30, 2010 at 7:01 pm
I'm not a graphic designer by trade or anything... but, I did have some design courses in college... also, I've seen all manner of horrible logos for various projects... People just have horrible ideas or horrible taste when it comes to creating logos/symbols/etc. and they fight designers/artists when they try to tell them that their ideas just suck. That's basically where this strip came from... I wasn't feeling particularly funny and let people know about my doldrums on my Twitter earlier in the day... I'm sorry if you don't like this offering... but, I just wasn't feeling super hilarious and I've been down since the weekend... I don't know why, but I have. I might take another quick break from the "A Hero Rises" arc to recharge my creative batteries. This George as a super hero story isn't super pressing for an end date, so I can duck in and out whenever... I just don't think it's ready for him to be in his official super hero costume doing super hero stuff yet. I have some stuff that I feel is funny for after he's been in costume... I just wasn't feeling funny for these last few strips to get him in costume. I guess I could just jump forward and have him in the suit... but, I dunno. Instead you get me venting about my creative depression in this little space. I'll try and be more upbeat for Friday.
Tags: George, Zoey