A little mad sometimes
Posted May 11, 2014 at 8:01 pm
Wow, late comic... Doing this strip was a pain... I use a solid state hard drive for two of my disks on my computer (C and D). I keep Windows on C and programs on D. They're not but 120 gigs, so I keep a normal spinning disk for my data and virtual memory stuff. Well, about a month ago Photoshop and a few other programs "lost" their preferences and I thought I fixed things to where they used to be. I was wrong. There was a ton of things that kept bloating up the C drive and while I was producing what was to be today's comic said C drive became "full". Temp files and cache directories were the problem. But I managed to get rid of over 35gigs of bloat of of the C drive and had to fix several issues that I basically caused trying to figure out where the excess space was being put. I forgot Windows hides some entire directories, so it was there and I didn't need to move/delete Manga Studio settings/etc. Lesson learned, well, re-learned. But I wanted to do something about Mother's Day since George is a new "mom". It was tough coming up with something that was clever... I had something in mind with George's mom and George having a talk about Zoey, but it just was a dud. This is at least silly. Plus Lizzy likes movies. We can call it a character piece for her.