Call Waiting
Posted February 13, 2011 at 7:01 pm
I know this is all very "Ross and Rachel" but I don't care. I liked Friends. I don't care if you didn't. Occasionally when all the TV shows I watch go on hiatus and my TiVo doesn't have many things being recorded I'll set up a season pass of one of the stations that plays repeats of it. So, yeah, the bad timing/luck of everyone involved wasn't originally the wrap up of this arc... but, I wanted to give me the option later on to possibly pick up from the threads this story has added to the overall plot of Zombie Roomie. People have reacted very positively to this storyline and I didn't want to slap them in the face by having John or Valerie dump each other without giving their relationship a chance... I don't have Zoey in every strip, so even if John is seeing Valerie she wont be a consistent fixture. She may pop up from time-to-time though.