Cosplay - part 2
Posted November 1, 2011 at 8:01 pm
This gag was what I thought of that spurred me into putting George and Zoey into the costumes they wore on Monday and why that comic was a setup for this. I'm super proud of panel one. The lighting, the drawing of Zoey, both character's body language... I just think it's a really strong panel. I've got my next major storyline planned, designed as the two year anniversary arc, but before I start that story I've got time for a few one-offs or short bits that would include the supporting cast. Is there anyone that hasn't been a featured player lately that you'd like to see me tailor a strip or two about? Lemme know in the comments. Speaking of comments, you can now use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts to comment on Zombie Roomie. It will use your avatar/username from said account and everything... It's pretty cool. So give it a try~!
Tags: George, Zoey