Dues doodoo - part 1
Posted May 15, 2012 at 8:01 pm
And we're moving right along... I've been conflicted lately. Not because I'm not enjoying doing the comic... I just feel like I'm not addressing popular culture happenings like I had been. We've had the Avengers and Diablo 3 coming out and while both are huge geek moments I would normally do something about-- I haven't mentioned either in the comic. I'm too busy working with the story of Zombie Roomie to bother including that stuff right now. I know a part of it is due to the way I'm approaching the writing of the comic since the hiatus/reboot... but I kind of miss the goofy references/etc. I'm sure eventually I'll be able to seamlessly weave the two types of comics together, but that's just not how I'm doing it now. I just wanted to let you guys in on my weird brain goings on. Especially since I had been asked whether I was going to include something about both the Avengers and Diablo... I'm just not there yet guys.