Posted October 26, 2010 at 8:01 pm
Like last year, I'm doing two Halloween strips... this being the first. The ability to do stuff in a comic strip world that is impossible to do in the real world is something I really enjoy about doing Zombie Roomie. Last year, the guys were done in Black & White to mimic Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" characters,.. sure I said they were wearing makeup... but, this year George got all 3D-ified to take it to the extreme. I'm not a super Harry Potter fan. In fact I haven't read a single book... but I do really like the flicks. I wanted to have the guys step away from the standard Star Wars or Star Trek costumes... and I've had them dress up in both Marvel and DC based superheroes... I needed to hit some other aspect of dorkiness. Enter George as Harry Potter. It was a very fun costume to draw. There's several props that are needed to sell the look... and folks that actually read this section or my tweets know I love sticking the guys in costumes. For the content, I keep up with lots of entertainment news sites and last week or so I read an article about how Warner Brothers was no longer going to release The Deathly Hollows in 3D and then soon after how they were possibly going to change their minds and do the conversion for BluRay. That inspired this strange comic.
Tags: George, John