Eating Disorder - part 2
Posted May 18, 2014 at 8:01 pm
I wasn't sure how I wanted to introduce Francis to the story, so I just brought him in as he's already heard the problem. That gave me the idea that he would try and diagnose the issue and I figured he'd be able to use his pieces somehow. I just wasn't sure how he'd be able to see if his eyeball was in George's gut. Then this setup hit me and I thought it was good enough to make a strip about. I changed up Francis' look a little since the last time he was in the comic. I've been thinking of having him slim down a little but I'm not sure if I'll pull that trigger or not. I'll have to see how things work as I continue to draw him with his newer look... plus how he pairs up with Jack now. I do know I need to put in more time on Jack's look. George's hair got a little work done as I wasn't happy with him after the last comic. His hair had been really big of late and I knocked it down a little. I'm happier with it now... it's not perfect, but I don't hate him in today's strip. So that's an improvement. I've been sick for the last week so comics have been late or sporadic... and that's why. Just letting you know. I'm almost all better now but still a little under the weather. I hope to be better for Wednesday's comic.