George goes Hollywood - part 1
Posted October 2, 2011 at 9:45 pm
Alright, we're finally getting there... George vs. Hunter. Live on network television. We've been working towards this story arc since back in March. Who'd have thought it would take this long to have everything in place for this to start? Not me. The fact that George is going to do the Hunter show stems from the story arc that started back in August, "More television than reality" where we found out that Hunter thought that he was just an actor on a regular television show... not on on where the zombies were *gasp* real. The offer that is talked about in this comic refers to the bribe that the network guy offered George to do the show and take a dive in the process. I'm looking forward to where this story arc takes the comic and it'll be a fun way to wrap up year two of Zombie Roomie.