Got your nose...
Posted March 20, 2011 at 8:01 pm
As you know I've changed up the website a lot over the last week... The site has a white background and I originally was only going to have that as a temporary situation. As I have been working on the site I have gone through the archives a few times to make sure everything looks okay. While doing so, I came across the comic "Tasty too" and I really liked how it looked in the new white background. So, I wanted to do another comic that was like that with the characters on a field of white. I wasn't sure what I should do so I went back to my old notepad files that I had saved when I started the prep work for the comic and came across the line "Got your nose." I remembered that I had jotted that idea down shortly after I came up with the human soup idea that spurred the idea for doing a zombie comic. In fact, this is the reason that George actually has a nose. I originally planned to have George have an open nasal area to make him look more zombie-like. I figured I'd give him a nose and then sometime early in the comic there would be a strip that had this got your nose scene... I never did that. While remembering this, I went back and found a comic that I did before I settled on George's look. Here it is never seen before and with good reason, it's not very good. That was the first comic I did for what would become Zombie Roomie. I wasn't happy with almost all of it and went back and prepped a while more before starting the comic up in full swing.
Tags: George, Zoey, John