Posted October 27, 2011 at 8:01 pm
This wasn't my original comic I was working on for today. I had another one that I was pretty far into, but my computer crashed and the file wouldn't reopen/got corrupted so I had to come up with something new on the fly. I'm going to get back to that comic for Monday, hopefully it wont crash on me again. I was interested in doing something that had Zoey's new look/outfit so she was going to be featured heavily in it. I'm a big fan of her new design. It's long passed due that I redid her costume since she was the third character introduced in the comic, but she never received an updated outfit like other characters. The idea of having George in costume as Zombie-man in this strip was influenced by the fan art that Lar deSouza gave me for the 2nd anniversary of Zombie Roomie.