A Zombie's Survival Guide: Hip to be Foursquare
Posted June 20, 2010 at 8:01 pm
Once again we have another installment of "A Zombie's Survival Guide". These aren't meant to directly reflect the storyline of Zombie Roomie. They're just tips put out by the Zombie Union that George belongs to and the images they use just so happen to include the characters we know and love from Zombie Roomie. As in the last installment, The heart of the matter, where John attempted to kill a random zombie... this installment's supposed demise of Bill isn't canon. That is to say Bill isn't actually eaten and slowly digesting within George's stomach. Another reason we know this isn't 100% factual... Bill is a luddite when it comes to social networking and micro-blogging stuff. He doesn't see the value and thinks they're destroying the English language and possibly society itself. Also, these tips are for use during the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, and as we all know that has yet to occur... even within the world of Zombie Roomie.