Officially Creepy
Posted November 26, 2021 at 12:00 am

ZR is normally composed like a sitcom with medium shots for the panels... adding in the Zoey in the distance long shot where we see her walking away is a very non-ZR standard shot and it took me a bit longer to get it "right". I think it's important to establish the distance and show her walking on the trail.

The cemetery here does not exist in real life. The area they're in doesn't have a boneyard, but it's a comic and there aren't zombies in real life either, so I wanted to change up some geography to make the story work. And... since it's a very French area, I have a version where the gate says "cimetière"... but since it's important to understand the scene I figured for the English version to do the English text.

Hiveworks' management is poking the tech to see what's what with the different archives I requested so hopefully soon I'll be able to publish the French versions and to have the Legacy comic in its own archive.

Tags: George, Zoey