Respect your Elders - part 1
Posted February 23, 2014 at 7:01 pm
I wasn't happy with the way the rest of the Zombie-man arc was playing out when I was trying to write it... so I decided to kinda scrap it and merge in the next Zombie-man story I had planned. We'll get the same effective end with it, but also more~! With this arc, I'm finally able to introduce a character I created for ZR back around this time in 2011. I tried bringing it in when the guys were going to move up to the 5th floor of the old building and a few times since then... I just never had the "right" way to have it show up and not be super forced. This arc allows a natural and, if I may say so myself, humorous way to bring it in. I know I'm being super coy here, but it's my comic and I can do what I want. Read that in a Cartman voice please.