... Roomie?
Posted April 18, 2013 at 8:01 pm
For those of who might be a little confused about what exactly the living situation is/was/etc.: Lizzy moved into George's old room when Zoey's family came to town. George, after waking up rezombified, was staying on John's sofa because he had left Zoey at the altar in Vegas. Lizzy, in a sign of solidarity with Zoey, refused to give George back his room. Apparently sometime around Christmas George and Zoey made up and have been secretly in a relationship since. Got it? Good. The bit about pants was a late addition that actually spawned next week's strips. I giggled a lot when I was jotting down the ideas for the strips. Lizzy is wearing a shirt highlighting another of my comic buds. Mary does Internet Webcomic and that's a picture of her cat Liam Neeson. She contends her name is Squeak, but another comic creator friend of ours named it the far superior name.