Slaves to Savings
Posted November 25, 2010 at 7:01 pm
Last year I wasn't sure if Black Friday warranted it's own comic... but I hadn't introduced Jamal yet. Sure, he's all about pure stereotypes... but, he's so goofy I think it still plays funny. Even though there's the signage, this comic is still pretty much a pantomime comic. It's not often I get to do one, but there have been a couple including the Kong/poop comic that went over pretty well with some folks. I had thought about not doing a comic for today since I was busy yesterday with Turkey Day festivities... but, in the end I thought of this one panel and figured I could get it done without freaking out too much. Enjoy my food coma induced comic. I'll be getting back to the "A Hero Rises" arc on Monday if all goes as planned.