Super soldier serum is a performance enhancing drug
Posted July 26, 2011 at 8:01 pm
With Captain America making his way to the box office last week (I don't count the horrible direct to video flick from '90) I wanted to do a Cap strip... so when I was doing these non-plot based strips this week... well my timing couldn't be better. Okay, for the like two of you out there who care, I know the official name of the "sport" is disc golf, but I figured most people would have heard of it with the brand name version. So just let it slide.... I had originally thought of this strip with just George and John standing around with a bag of frisbees each and then Cap would douche it up like he did in the final version... but that wasn't Zombie Roomie enough. I had to take it several steps further down the road towards absurdity. So they were dressed like real golfers, they had golf bags full of frisbees, and they would be going from hole to hole in a golf cart. That was pretty damned goofy and was right where I needed to take it for a ZR strip. In non-Captain related thingies: my buddy Brian over at d20monkey has the George as Jaws poster in his comic today. Give him some traffic will you?