That's Incredibles!
Posted June 26, 2011 at 8:01 pm
Had Edna Mode designed George's Zombie-man costume, he wouldn't be in this kind of situation. When I was laying out today's strip, I noticed that the excessive narration from the Zombie-man case file/yellow rectangles and the dialogue in panels two and three caused it to feel like there was way too much text for a normal sized comic. The problem was I felt it only needed to be four panels... So I went with the double-sized template and just used four panels, creating what I call a "jumbo" sized strip. I've intended to use a jumbo for over a year, I just decide against it for some reason or another when I get to laying out the comic. But I felt that today's really needed it to not feel insanely cramped. It's almost like it's shot in widescreen format. Speaking of Zombie-man, when I had originally conceived this story arc, I just had George as George overhear similar situations... but late last week I came up with the idea of mixing Zombie-man back into the regular strips. It helps tie George's superhero antics to the regular plot more and lets him interact with more supporting cast in this persona. Also, I realize the "mystery" portion of this arc isn't that insanely difficult to piece together, but why do people feel the need to post spoiler comments? Not everyone has figured it out. Please be considerate.