The Clone Saga - end
Posted March 27, 2020 at 12:00 am

I figured we got to a good enough point to end the arc on. Sure there's a lot of questions still needing to be wrapped up, but they can be told in different stories going forward.

I wanted to establish a few things with this bookend...

The fact that John isn't a clone so he'll have to deal with that and the fact his "uncles" are zombie chow instead of his "brothers"-- might make it easier to cope with. This was a pivot from the original plan as I felt having him actually be a clone shifted the premise of the comic too much so I decided to change the plot of the arc and I was much happier. The comics that painted me in the corner had their text edited to accommodate the change.

Alex will have a bigger role being in charge of feeding zombies as the government takes over Charleston Foods and brings in the cloning technology to provide the "raw materials". Zoey will also have her job pivot to Charleston... The janitor, Cyan, also got transferred.

And I wanted to give some new situation at the end of this to spur something entirely different coming out of this... It'll tie into things from this clone saga and other ZR elements on what the whole cult thing is... but I felt it was a goofy enough thing to button on.