The Clone Saga - part 6
Posted June 24, 2019 at 12:00 am

During the time since we've seen Zoey she's began working for the organisation in charge of the cloning technology as a nepotism hire.

She's also changed up her hair again. I've considered the undercut before but I didn't end up doing it in the past. I wanted a look that was different and still something Zoey would do. I figured it was enough "edge" that she could show in a workplace where she would be covering her tattoos in lab coats and whatnot.

Even though the two other characters in the comic aren't going to be new secondary characters that we devote oodles of screen time to, I wanted to put some effort into their designs so with that and Zoey's new look, this strip took me more than double the time I normally like to put in for a strip of this size.

Tags: Zoey