Posted April 12, 2011 at 8:01 pm
Ever since I've brought Junior back to the comic I've treated him as a dog... this strip cements that status. This comic has the most of the front of George and John's apartment building to date. That basement window behind Zoey's head is their apartment. I've actually had this strip started a few times for the last couple of weeks. I just never finished it up for you guys yet. I even added another strip to help start this arc as I kind of thought the subject of people moving from the building needed a softer opening. Just starting with the statement that five apartments had moved out seemed a little rushed. This way we saw Sean dealing with 1C moving out... this latest apartment using the moving truck is just another apartment leaving instead of the first that we know about. I've been wanting to get this arc moving as the majority of ideas I have for Zombie Roomie all come during and after this plotline is set in motion.