Unholy Ground
Posted May 2, 2010 at 8:01 pm
Night of the Living Dead, both the '68 and '90 versions, is a very important film for zombie fans.

Romero changed the sub-genre and we have to thank him for it. George the Zombie even takes his name in an homage to Mr. Romero.

The '90 version that Tom Savini did was my first real experience with zombie flicks. I watched it numerous times on a VHS tape that we recorded off of Cinemax. If it weren't for that film I wouldn't be doing Zombie Roomie today.

So, I had to have the guys venture to the Evans City cemetery to pay tribute to the flick. Perhaps there's a Moaning Wall or something there for George to bring an offering to.

I like playing around with lighting effects on the characters and props. I've learned a few tips/tricks since I started Zombie Roomie and they're fun little toys to play with. This comic uses several of the things I've been doing of late and it was just fun to do. Filling out the zombie culture is fun/nerdy stuff that I like to do. From George's religious beliefs to his organizational ties to the Zombie Union and other background things is always neat to me.
Tags: George, John