What happened in Vegas? - part 10
Posted November 26, 2012 at 7:01 pm
I know I've done a few one panels lately, but sometimes the way I have the plot progress in my head requires a simple exposition strip and those tend to fall into the one panel style for me. When we're done with the story arc and where it leads to I'm sure I'll do less one panels and stick with the typical three more often. I've hinted at it for a while and I haven't out right said that it's the case, but yeah... George is a mindless zombie instead of the special case we've grown accustomed to in ZR over the years. One of the world building things I wanted to get done with this arc is the explanation of zombies as a whole in the Zombie Roomie universe... and how/why they're different from what you see in movies and television. His eyes are also very blue in this strip... that's on purpose.