Zombie Stuff
Posted September 13, 2021 at 12:00 am

This is the first comic in the rebooted timeline which also acts as a button for the end of the legacy timeline.

I've contacted the tech person for Hiveworks about swapping the archives around, which will also include a French translated version of the new comics... but they haven't gotten back to me yet. When things are fixed, the legacy archive will be its own set of comics and the new timeline (also the French version) will all be their own with the new comics timeline being what's on the standard home page.

There are differences to characters and the events of the comic didn't happen so we're starting from a blank slate... so we're not burdened by a decade plus of continuity.

As you see, instead of starting the comic as a zombie, like in the legacy timeline, George is still alive in the new comic. This is the original idea I had for ZR back in the Summer of 2009. John would be living with his friend George and events would occur and we'd have a "Zombie Roomie" instead of at some point before the comic a zombie moved in.

There are several changes to what the original idea was though as I didn't have most of the cast, other than the monster squad, created... so it's not like I'm just doing the old idea.... This is a version of the comic that I have wished I had been able to do for awhile.

I'm also changing up looks for several members of the cast. Skin tones, hair-dos, and some things like tattoos are changing to better reflect my artistic growth and character design. It's stuff that I wanted to change but didn't really want to go back through the archive to adjust older comics... Having the comic reboot was a good time to get things leveled up, in my opinion.