I’ve mentioned why I kept Francis out of the comic for a while even after the World Tour… I wanted to change up his look.

What I didn’t mention was that I wanted to take the time to give him more of a back story too. Of all the monsters that make up George’s circle of friends, he was the least fleshed out. He was just Jack’s roommate, but why?

I wanted to give him his own personality and a reason for living with our resident party animal… It made sense to me that he was a divorcée. The Bride of Frankenstein was too good of a place to work from to not go that route. Rather than just have him be just a bitter jerk, I wanted him to also have a son… enter Karl. Francis might not have been that good of a husband, but he’s a pretty good dad. He has shared custody with his ex, who we’ll see sometime later.

I’m not going to have Karl around a whole lot, but with Francis not having full custody, that’s easily explained. I don’t have kids myself, so I don’t have the area of expertise to write that kind of comic… I just wanted to flesh Francis’ life out a bit and giving him a family, even a broken one, helps do that.